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Effective Sex Education

Many people still shy away from discussion on sex education when the whole human race and animals indulge in the praticise of sexual relationships. Youth are exposed to pornographic pictures, photographs, blue films, books and magazines on sexuality and its attendance emotional involvement , but nothing is done to prepare the youth for sexuality. Sex is a gift from God for husband and wife. Seducing a man with your beauty, sex or deceitful character because of the reason best bknown to you is a relationship that is bound to fail no matter how far you have gone.

A lasting relationship is connected to emotional , spiritual , intellectual and physical characteristics. If you are not compatible emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physical sex can not bring the compability. Even after having child for him the woman is just exposing herself to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy because the man will still do everything possible to satisfy his interest. And of course the implication of unwanted pregnancy is disgrace , and worst part is the disrespect from the man. You will then be a victim of unwanted pregnancy despite the risk of child delivery.

Sexual reproduction simply means the production of new individuals, consisting of millions of cells from specialized body cells called gametes. The presence of ovum from the female and the  spermatozoa from the male , when the gametes fused together then fertilization is said to have taken place.

The natural and normal sexual intercourse takes place between man to woman and the type of sex is called heterosexual. Also there are other two types namely homosexual means sexual intercourse between man to man while lesbianism is sexual intercourse between woman to woman. The last two types of sexual intercourse are not normal but it is praticise in the community. Furthermore, biological , psychological and psychosocial factors including the abuse of drugs are contributing factors toward sexual drive. Also, kissing, oral genital stimulation, pecking , sucking of penis or vaginal, caressing and scrating of partners body are contributing factors stimulating sexual intercourse .

Sexual Education provides factual information related to sex organs, their functions, uses and abuses. It prepares the youth and adult on how to face challenges . Sex education should start at home, it should be taught in the school , churches and mosque. The facts remain that failure to teach sex education in a legitimate way by qualified persons, it will result in being done by unqualified persons in wrong ways. Sex education aims at making children b aware of the true meaning of life and descent living.


The obvious sign in men sexual response is the erection of the penis . The penis enlarges in length and diameter , Any further excitement brings a clear secretion passed through the tip of the penis which lubricate the glands. Once the penis is erect , the man feels like having sexual intercourse and he can reach organism and ejaculate . At this period the penis is approximately doubles its length. The size of the penis  has nothing to do with its function. This simply means that, the size of the penis does not determine sexual process.
Sexual satisfaction or the time to reach an organism during sexual intercourse , the movement of the penis in and out of the partner's vaginal stimulates the process of reaching organism and ejaculation. The seminal fluid moves from the collecting area towards the penis , the man grap the woman tightly to his body. Immediately after the ejaculation, the contraction fade away and the glands of the penis becomes tender and the man feels warm, follows by complete relaxation and if possible short sleep.

Changes occur in sexual response during the old age . At times it may take the man longer time before the penis becomes erect, sometimes erection may disappear and return , the penis may not be hard like before and desire for intercourse after ejaculation may take longer period than before. It is important for the partner to understand the changes so that she will not feel that her partner no longer loves her


DEREK(1998) explains sexual response in women in four phases namely;

  • The excitement or arousal 
  • The plateau phase
  • The phase of orgasm
  • The phase of resolution

Excitement phase:- This  phase is initiated by body contact with the man. The sexual arousal in woman may be determined by factors such as menstrual cycle. This phase is heightened just before the menstruation or during the menstrual cycle, man can stimulate it through kissing, caressing and sucking. During the excitement time in woman her conditions increase in size especially in width, the lips round the vaginal entrance become softer as a result of more blood moving towards it, the aureole become swollen and the nipples become erect. The vaginal becomes lubricated as a result of fluid entering the pelvic tissues. These processes make the vaginal and the entrance becomes slippery which gives easy entrance to penis. Any attempt to have intercourse without making the area became lubricated makes the intercourse painful.

Plateau phase
This is the time when the woman wants to have the feelings of the erected penis in her lubricated vagina. It is the time when the woman is physically prepared to allow the penis in without any pain. The most pleasurable part of sexual intercourse to most women apart from the orgasm is that time when the woman feels that the  penis should enter the vagina. Also, body contact of the couples stimulate the clitoral area likewise, the movement of penis around the vaginal stimulates the orgasm. Nevertheless man reaching orgasm is a kind of unique feelings envelopes with intense pleasure which shows the peak of sexual arousal. The feelings started around the pelvic but later spread to the whole body. Women have the clitoral orgasm developed with sexuality. It occurs when the center of sexual sensitivity transfered from clitoral arena to vaginal. Orgasms is characterized by uncontrollable muscles movement , floating feelings, wrath, relief of mental tension and well-being.

Resolution phase
This is the next stage to orgasm phase . It is the relaxation that follows muscle contraction and deep pleasure during intercourse. In the next ten minutes of resolution phase the tissue of the vagina lost the fluid and this can be re-in stimulated sexually by man.

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