Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Diarrhea is passage of three or more loose or watery stools in hours. Passing 5 to 8 soft or semi-liquid stools per day is normal in breast-fed infants. Diarrhea causes death due to loss of water and salts from the body, and it kills children more easily than adults. Replacement of fluids is the most important treatment. Persistent diarrhea is one that lasts for two weeks or more . HIV/AIDS is major cause of persistent diarrhea.


  • Personal and food Hygiene 
  • Teach Mother how to prepare salt sugar solution
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Exclusive Breast feeding , if not HIV positive
  • Encourage complementary feeding if above six months.
  • Remind mother to take home-based records with her anytime she takes baby to the clinic or hospital

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